A Sisterhood of Mothers coming together

If you at the very beginning of your journey into motherhood, or you are an experienced mother ready to share your knowledge and support to others, or you are a sister with love to share, you are all welcome here. 

We are all about connection, learning from and supporting one an other. 

Let me show you what we have to offer you, in the hope you will come and connect with us and share your own stories and skills, and ambitions and we can aim to meet you where you are and walk with you on this journey.

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Become part of our community, family and network of professionals. Study all our Accredited Courses at your own pace and step by step on a month by month basis. Then dive straight into your new career with all the resources and tools you will need to get started all ready for you to use plus so much more!

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Parents Connection Club

You will have access to huge library of every possible piece of information you would need from fertility to babies 6 month birthday! 

Well informed is the best way to approach Parenthood, to ensure you make all the right decisions for your family and feel supported in doing so. 

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Become a Qualified Postnatal Care Practitioner

Not already working in your dream job in baby care? we can help you with that too ! 

To become a Postnatal Practitioner you can train with our sister company, Family Care Careers Ltd. 

CEO - Empathetic Educator

Hi my name is Clare Marie, I am the founder of  The Baby Retreat® UK

The business was born out of pure passion to educate amazing ladies to provide better support to new families. I have worked with a lot of families in the last  few years so I  really understand the difficulties and pain points families face. Since Lockdown 2020 I have continued to support families through Home Start UK in a volunteer role, as I could not just stay home and do nothing when so many families were giving birth during a pandemic. 

I have worked in the Therapy Industry for the past 14 years and I have employed multiple members of staff and adore seeing them grow and thrive in their career. 

I have a Level 5 in Advanced Massage Therapies a Level 4 in Maternity Nursing and a  BaHons in Business Management, I have won multiples awards over the years, one of my highest professional achievement was being listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business, but dispite this my greatest achievement in life is being a Mum! 

If you have a passion to nurture new Mums and their babies, then I would love to train you! I can give you all the tools and resources you need to offer invaluable support and friendship to those that desperately need it.

you can find out more about me HERE

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