Level 3 Award in Educational Training (AET)


If you are ready to take your skills and experience to the next level we can help you with an Award in Educational Training. 

This course mean you will be able to teach vocational courses within the Therapy or Baby Care Industry. This course could also give you an advantage over others in your community offering baby class instructor training as you would be a recognised teacher not just class facilitator!  If you train with us we can help you to start your career in teaching as soon as you Qualify. Find out more Below>>>

This Qualification is Accredited by TQUK and is Ofqual Regulated. 

The Award in Education and Training is a Level 3 qualification. The course is 12 credits.

Who is this course aimed at?
The Award in Education and Training course is targeted at those new to teaching and can be regarded as a stepping stone for those wishing to continue at a later date to the certificate and diploma.

Course Objective:
This course gives you the structure you need to deliver a well planned lesson which meets the needs of your learners.

Course Delivery:
The course is a week long, online learning course with a tutor who will guide you through to  completion. The tasks are completed online. On the final day of the course you will perform a Micro teach session via Skype or attend in person to the centre in Milton Keynes
This online course is designed to be quite an intensive programme over a short period of time. The best way to approach it is to work on it regularly every day for one week, rather than try and do everything at the last minute. However, you will always get one weekend and of course you have your evenings to prepare your work.

Course Content:
You are required to read the course notes, participate in 8 text discussion forums,
complete 4 assignments, produce a lesson plan for a 15 minute lesson, present your
lesson to the group, evaluate another micro teach, reflect on your own lesson and
summarise what you have learnt over the week.

Unit 1: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in Education and Training
Unit 2: Understanding and Using Inclusive teaching and learning approaches in Education and Training
Unit 3: Understanding assessment in Education and Training

Do I need to take time off work to complete the course?
There are not set times during the day when work needs to be completed, so students may work at any time suitable to them. The course is intensive, so you need to make sure you have some time available during the week.
Is there a difference between the qualifications of a face to face course and an online one?
No, the qualification is the same
How long before I receive my certificate?
The certificates are released by the Awarding Body within 48 hours

Why train through us?

Additional to the AET Qualification we provide you with a library of resources to help you get started as a teacher in the Baby Care and Holistic Therapy industry.

We also provide you with templates for all the legal documents you are obliged to have as a professional teacher that you can adapt to your business. We can also advise you on insurance and CRB Checks if needed.

There is also an additional option to teach our courses through our application process, please read Become a The Baby Retreat UK Educator for more details. 


March/April Courses

3rd to 10th March

17th to 24th March

7th to 14th April

21st to 28th April


Please note the bulk of this training is done through a third party online. You will have 2 logins, one to receive our materials and a login in to the teaching forum.