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Gentle Baby Massage Instructor Training £300

Our Gentle Baby Massage Instructor Training is absolutely everything you would need to know to get started as a Baby Massage Instructor. Covering from newborn touch to toddler and beyond.

This Course Includes:

Module 1 – Heath and Safety, Professional standards and ethics

Module 2 – Anatomy and Physiology, Babies Growth and Development

Module 3 – Benefits of Baby Massage and Touch

Module 4 – Consultation, getting to know baby

Module 5 – Newborn Touch

Module 6 – Full Baby Massage Routines

Module 7 – Adaptations to consider

Module 8 – Life as a Teacher/ Facilitator

Practical Assessment

Also Bonus for FREE!

  • Advanced Massage for growing up
  • How to set up a Baby Class
  • How to set up a Retreat Session

On Completion of this course You will be able to :

Entry Requirements

  • Complete Beginners
  • Completed a Massage qualification before
  • Worked with Babies before in a professional way.
  • Have your own children/baby

Learning Path

Our Mission
Our Principles
How the course will run
Professionalism and Ethics
Confidentiality/ continued confidentiality
Health and Safety
Laws to consider
Record Keeping
Setting up a class
Items needed to purchase/acquire
Finding a venue
Risk assessment
Research/ Current thinking
The Skeletal System
The Nervous System
The Cardiovascular System
The Respiratory System
The Renal System
The Digestive System
The Immune System
Babies development – body and mind
Baby Development/ Bonding
Adult Massage Benefits in reference to Baby Massage
History of Baby Massage
Benefits of Baby Massage
Fourth Trimester
1001 days
Skin and Skin
Bonding and Attachment
Product on skin
Gentle Oils
Breast Milk as a medium on skin
Aromatherapy for babies
Baby Massage on mums mental health
Why we ask
Contra Indications
Contra Actions
Newborn Immunisations
Newborn Jaundice
Infant Reflexes
Behaviour Cues
Baby Characteristics
Before you start
Colic – How Massage can aid Colic
Reflux – How Massage can aid Reflux symptoms
Common aliments massage can help
Newborn Massage/ Touch Routine
4/8 Weeks Massage/ Touch Routine
Full Routines Introduction
Legs Massage Routine
Tummy Massage Routine
Chest Massage Routine
Arms Massage Routine
Face Massage Routine
Back Massage Routine
Colic and Constipation Massage Routine
Teething Massage Routine
Coughs and Colds Routine
Disabilities and Heart Conditions adaptations
Different class types to host
Maternal Mental Health – Baby Blues
Maternal Mental Health – Postnatal Depression
Maternal Mental Health – Postnatal Depletion
Maternal Mental Health – Sleep Deprivation
Maternal Mental Health – Traumatic Birth
Maternal Mental Health – OCD and Other controlling behaviours
Maternal Mental Health – Anxiety
Maternal Mental Health – Worry and Mum guilt
Maternal Mental Health – Psychosis
Maternal Mental Health – Loneliness and Isolation
Listening Skills
Structure of classes
Lesson Plans
Topics of discussions in class
Check in with parents
Making connections with you and others
Sign posting to other services
Further learning books
Feed back Forms
Journalling for own wellness
SWOT Analysis self assessment
Dealing with difficult situations
How assessment works in person/ Online via Zoom
Setting up as self employed
Submitting evidence

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